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New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids and Family

Watching movies with the kids on the couch until they fall asleep is not the most extraordinary thing you can do on New Year’s Eve. Admit it! There are plenty of New Year’s Eve activities for families that you can try.

They will make for great memories and quality time together. So, how about a bit of inspiration?

Here are 10 New Year’s Eve activities for kids and families. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to try some of them!

1) Set up a countdown with small goodie bags 

This is probably one of the best New Year’s Even countdown activities you can try with your children on the 31st. Buy a few goodies: sweets, toys, or non-toxic makeup products for kids and pack them separately. 

Write an hour on each pack, and let your children know that you will open one goodie package every hour from the evening up until their bedtime or midnight. In between, you can play games, tell stories or do any other educational activities. They’ll be motivated by each goodie bag that remains out there.

2) Arrange an early New Year’s Eve with bubbly juice

Children love pretend-play. It’s their way of discovering the world around them. So, make sure they have their own type of “champagne”. Make it a solemn moment for them and enjoy it together. You can do an early count down with the kids. Netflix or Youtube have special such countdowns for children. Pick one and have an early New Year with your little ones, together with some bubbly juice.

You can do an early count down with the kids. Netflix or Youtube have special such countdowns for children. Pick one and have an early New Year with your little ones, together with some bubbly juice.

3) Craft New Year’s party hats

Crafting hats, crowns or magic sticks with paper, glitter, and glue makes for a fun holiday activity for kids. You will also spend quality time together. Remember to wear their creations to the party. They’ll love it. 

4) Arrange for a photo session with photo props

This is one of the best New Year’s activities you can try. Arrange a proper photo shooting with different fun and quirky photo props. Make it a family moment, where every family member has to show off at least two costumes and three funny poses with photo props. Your children will love it. Moreover, you can spend quality time together painting your nails, and getting your makeup done, in preparation for the “big event”.

5) Imagine yourself in the future

Well, it’s not exactly one of the most entertaining New year’s eve games for the family, but you can spend some reflective time together. Draw your future selves on a piece of paper. Put the paper in an envelope, seal it and put it away until next year. Talk to your little ones about their wishes and dreams for the next year and see how you can achieve them together. 

6) Do fireworks in a jar 

Science projects can be some of the most fun holidays activities for kids. Make no mistake about it. Moreover, they will learn valuable things while having fun. 

Fireworks in a jar is a pretty simple experiment that you can do at home. All you need is a jar or any glass vase, vegetable oil, and some food colouring. 

You simply fill the jar or vase with water. Keep it at about ¾ full capacity.

Add some oil (5-7 tablespoons) and 4-5 drops of food colouring in a small bowl. We recommend you use up to 3 colours. Whisk it fast and add it to the jar of water. Move quickly before the food colouring settles on the bottom of the bowl. 

After you add the oil into the water, you will see how the food colouring turns into tiny droplets that start to come down from the oil, like “fireworks”. 

7) New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown

This is another version of the countdown goodie bag, but it can also double as a centrepiece decoration. Hide small little messages inside the balloons and have the kids pop one for each hour that passes until midnight or their bedtime. 

8) Cook something together

You can make some cute New Year’s cupcake toppers or even a New Year’s Eve cheesecake clock. Let your creativity unfold in the kitchen, and your children will love it.

9) Glow in the dark games

This is one of the most fun games to play on New Year’s Eve with your children. Get some party glowing rings and toss them at a target. Dance with glowing sticks and create a family video.

10) Go outside for a bit of stargazing

Look for constellations and talk to your children about different stars and planets in the sky. You can install a sky map on your phone. Point the phone at the sky with your camera open in the app, and it will tell you where the planets and stars are. When it gets too cold, get inside for a nice cup of hot cocoa, and discuss the constellations you’ve just uncovered. 

Have a lovely New Year’s Eve. We hope these ideas gave you something to work with this holiday season.