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Kids' Nail Polish Product Information


Standard Nail Polish:
Use one coat for a quick and fun look.
Apply two coats for a glossy vibrant look that lasts longer.
Peel-off polish:
Makes it easy to take off without nail polish remover.
Confetti and glitter:
Add a little sparkle and magic to your kids’ nails, and use them to create stunning nail designs.
Nontoxic and odourless:
Use our nontoxic, odourless, and alcohol-free products freely.
Versatile Application:
For a mesmerising effect, you can use different shades and make your nails stand out.


Proper Storage:
Store in an upright position to prevent any spills and leaks. To keep the nail polish organised and easily accessible, consider storing it in a special nail polish case.
Long-lasting usage:
Handle with care, seal tightly to prevent drying, and keep in a cool, dry place.
Optimal Care:
Store the nail polish away from heat and direct sunlight to maintain its quality and colour. Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can cause damage.


- One bottle of nail polish
- A small case with one polish
- Duo and trio packs
- Set of 4, 5, or 6 colours of nail polishes
- Pop-up container set with different kinds of nail polish
- Customise your own pack: Choose from Miss Nella's nail varnish and other products
- Sets for gifts and parties like birthdays
- Contact us for special packaging for any occasion


For any query about our product or support
Customer Support
Monday - Friday
9am–5pm GMT
+44 20 845 06111

Kids' Nail Polish FAQs

Is the nail polish safe for kids, and are the ingredients non-toxic?

At Miss Nella, we know that parents prioritise the safety of their kids, so we made sure that the nail paint they choose is safe and doesn't have any ingredients that could harm them. This is why our product's safety standards ensure that our kids nail polish has only non-toxic ingredients.

Does the nail polish have any harmful ingredients that are bad for kids?

None of the toxins that are commonly found in adult nail paint and are known to be dangerous are present in our kids product, assuring that these chemicals won't be present when using any of our nail polish sets.

Can the nail polish be quickly taken off?

Yes, our kids nail polishes are easy to take off and don't require any chemicals to do so. You don’t need to use any toxic removers, and you can easily remove the nail polish by peeling it off, making the process safer and gentle for the skin.