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The 4 Gift Rule is A Lifesaver Idea this Christmas

It’s not much until Santa’s coming to town, and as parents, we have to sponsor him, right? You do not mind because you love your children and want to pamper them. However, happiness is not in the material things and showering your children with gifts might turn them into adults who take everything for granted.

This is where the 4 gift rule comes into play.

According to the 4 gift rule, you should limit the number of gifts you buy your children to four. So, you should buy them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

If Santa feels super generous this year, you can also adopt the 7 gift rule for Christmas. You can also add something to do, something for the family and something new to experience.

Let’s take a closer look at some Christmas gift ideas for kids.

The 4 gift rule for Christmas : Ideas

Christmas is about giving, spending time with your loved ones, laughing, cuddling, baking, singing, crafting etc.
It is a celebration of all of our achievements through the year and a much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 
So, stop worrying about children’s gifts, and follow this 4 gift rule. This is how you make the best of it.

1. Something they want

The first present you should buy for your children is something they want. Let them choose for themselves. If they’re old enough, give them a specific budget, or guide them with some ideas.
You can ask them to write a list of things they want and tell them they’ll get one from that list so that the surprise is even more exciting.
For example, if you’ve got a budget of £35 for what they want, you can ask them to check out these Miss Nella super cool peel-off nail polish for kids shades. The choice is theirs as to what colours they want, and they might even get a bonus from Miss Nella. *wink wink 

Or maybe, they want something more specific like this Christmas Eve Essentials Pink Edition? Work together on this! You’ll find the perfect gift.

2. Something they need

This is where your parents’ senses kick in. You can decide and buy them a new pair of mittens, a PJ or something they need for school.
You should think about what your children might be struggling with and what can make their life and yours easier. For example, if your little one does not love bath time, you can make it fun for him/her with a Superfizz Pack of bath bombs.

Christmas time is a time of great offers, so you’ll surely get some from Miss Nella as well. Stay close! *wink wink

3. Something to wear

You can let your little one decide, or you can choose for them, especially if you know they need a new winter coat or maybe a pair of shoes.
You can accessorize these with Limited Edition Beauty Case with everything Miss Nella, from kids’ nail polishes to lip balms and nail accessories.

They’ll love to wear it, and you can spend quality time together teaching your little ones about beauty routines and the responsibility of wearing makeup.
These are hypoallergenic products for children, non-toxic and free of any nasties, alcohol or perfume. They’ll love to wear it together with their new winter coat.

4. Something to read

Books are some of the greatest gifts you can give. If your little ones are very small, you can get them a Little Dress Up Activity Book full of stickers, stencils and colouring pencils.

They will have fun colouring and creating new designs that stimulate their imagination, increase their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The 7 Gift Rule For Christmas

If you’re feeling even more generous this Christmas, you can add three more gift categories to the bunch.

5. Christmas gift ideas to do

You can also get your children something to do. It could be an outdoor activity like a movie or concert ticket. Or it could be a Miss Nella voucher so they can choose their favourite makeup products this Christmas.

6. Something for the family

This could be theme park tickets or vacation tickets, or any other type of activities that you can do together. Maybe a board game or a day out shopping with the family?

Or how about a Mini Suitcase With Ladybird Naildryer that will allow you to spend a great Christmas Day doing your nails together?

7. Something new to experience

This last category is more about experiences and allowing your children to experience something they haven’t yet.
It could be an adventure; it could be a bath bomb, a pony ride etc.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of Christmas gift ideas for kids. You just need to set your budget straight and decide which rule to adopt. In the end, you want your children to come to appreciate Christmas for the surprises and learn more about the generosity of this winter holiday. They can also enjoy new experiences, and in the end, you just want to spend quality time together, right?

And, when you make this Christmas list of gifts, don’t forget about the Christmas offers *wink. We are already preparing some cool ones. Keep close!