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The Main Christmas Tree Colour Themes and Their Significance

The Christmas story is a wonderful one, full of cheer and the joy of giving. While Christmas customs and traditions differ from one part of the world to another, a few things stay the same. The coloured Christmas lights or the Christmas tree colour themes are similar almost all over the world. It's green, red, gold, white, blue and silver. But how did they become the Christmas colours? 

From Christmas tree colour themes to the Importance of Colours

Colours have a powerful impact on us. They can influence our mood, change our tastes in food and what we like in general.

Actually, the impact of colour on our brains is a subject of thorough research. But this article is not about that. 

In this article, we will discuss the main colours associated with Christmas and their meaning. It presents an excellent opportunity to teach children about the symbols of Christmas. 

Green is the most popular Christmas colour

Green is a harmonious colour. In general colour psychology, it is strongly associated with nature and rebirth. Holly Ivy, Mistletoe or fir trees are evergreen plants that have been used for thousands of years to decorate and cheer up people's homes during the winter season. 

They were like a beacon of hope for the rebirth of nature in spring.

So, wear a little bit of Christmas on your nails this holiday season, and spend quality time with your children painting your nails with non-toxic peel-off nail polish and telling Christmas stories.   

Red: Santa’s suit and the holly berries

Red is the colour of the holly berries, and it's also the colour of Santa Claus's "uniform". Moreover, it signifies the colour of the apples of Eden in some cultures. 

Nevertheless, it is the sheer contrast of a red-coated Father Christmas on the green backdrop of fir trees that somehow remains in our collective memory forever.

In colour psychology, red does represent health, courage, vigour, much like Santa's joy and energy of distributing all the presents at Christmas time.

So, encourage your little ones to paint their nails in the colour of Christmas with these beautiful shades of red. 

Gold shows the light

Gold is the colour of light and the sun. It shines in the dark winter and brings warmth and guidance to the weary. It also signifies wealth, like the gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus. Moreover, the star these fabled men followed was also gold. 

For a little bit of colour diversity, gold is used together with silver. Nevertheless, silver is not as warm.

So, let your children have fun and sprinkle a little bit of gold glitter on their cute, tiny fingernails this Christmas time. Let it be a time they'll remember! 

Blue and Purple

Blue is usually associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Medieval Europe, blue and purple dyes were even more precious than gold. So, only the royals would get to wear them. Mary would often be painted in blue to show how important she was to people.

Different shades of purple are also used in Advent calendars. It is a sign of nobility, wisdom and dignity.

Teach your children the importance of these values while you're having fun painting your nails in the Christmas colours, this holiday season.

They might not have very Christmassy names, but these nail polishes are non-toxic and can be peeled off easily from your children's tiny fingernails.

White is associated with peace

White is related to peace in many western cultures. Of course, it also speaks of a snowy wonderland that Christmas can turn into in some countries. 

White is one of the most popular Christmas tree colour themes out there. In essence, it symbolises purity and innocence. It speaks of an ideal Christmas time when we're all better, kinder and happier.