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childrens bath products, safe vegan bath bombs for kids childrens bath products, safe vegan bath bombs for kids

Rainbowfizz 6 Bath Bombs: Fun Kids' Bath Time

£13.49 £11.46

Are you trying to make bath time fun for your little ones? Let them explore the colourful magic of kids’ bath bombs. This special Miss Nella Rainbowfizz pack contains 6 non-toxic, chemical-free Bath Bombs with cheeky names for a fun,...

Fizzylicious: Ultimate Pack of 3 Kids' Fun Bath Bombs


It’s time for a fizzylicious bath full of splashing and giggles. Make it happen with this Miss Nella pack of 3 kids’ bath bombs. These 3 brightly coloured and fun fizzy bath bombs with cheeky names will let your children...

childrens bath products, safe vegan bath bombs for kids childrens bath products, safe vegan bath bombs for kids

Superfizz Trio: 3-Pack Kid-Friendly Colourful Bath Bombs

£7.99 £6.79

Get some fun parent-child bonding moments at bath time with this Miss Nella bath bomb kit for kids.  The pack contains 3  brightly coloured , non-toxic, and safe-for-kids fizzy bath bombs with cheeky names. They’re the perfect birthday gift, and...

organic soap for kids, childrens gentle soap, soap with natural oils organic soap for kids, childrens gentle soap, soap with natural oils

Natural and Clinically Tested Kids Soap Trio: Gentle & Pure

£7.99 £7.59

Make sure your children’s skin receives proper care with this Miss Nella all-natural soap collection. These soaps are very gentle on the skin, removing everyday dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Add them to your kids’ bathroom...

Kids' bath bomb Product Information


Eye Shadow:
- Fill bathtub with warm water.
- Drop bath bomb into the water.
- You can wait for it to fizz and dissolve.
- Let your kids relax and enjoy the fragrance.
- Gently rinse off your child after bathing.
- Clean the tub afterward as needed.


- Store bath bombs in a cool, dry place.
- Keep away from moisture and humidity.
- Protect from direct heat to maintain quality.
- Keep soap products out of reach of children.
- Avoid stacking or crushing bath bombs.
- Enjoy within a reasonable time frame.


- Standard bath bomb box contains 3 delightful bath bombs.
- The Rainbow Pack features a collection of 6 vibrant bath bombs.
- The Soap pack offers a selection of 3 aromatic soaps.
- All items come in a sturdy cardboard package.


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Kids' bath bomb FAQs

What is the benefit of using bath bombs?

Our uniqueness lies in our products. As kids’ specialists, we know that even young children are exposed to so much technology and information during the day. Therefore, we dedicate our efforts to give them enjoyable and relaxed bath time – bath bombs are known for stress relief and can therefore be the perfect solution before bed time. In addition, Miss Nella’s bath bombs colours and aromatic scents are perfect for kids bath time activities, enabling them to develop their senses.

How do kids' bath products assist in child development?

Bath time, often met with resistance, can positively impact child development by incorporating fun elements. Introducing bath bombs engages children, fostering trust and quality time with parents. The ability to choose colours, experience the fizzy reaction, and feel joy transforms a seemingly mundane activity into an exciting and fulfilling experience. Bath time not only promotes relaxation and exhaustion but also adds a playful element to a child's daily routine.

What is the optimal storage location for bath bombs?

To maintain the freshness and aesthetic appeal of your bath bombs, consider storing them in a glass jar. This storage option not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also allows you to showcase the vibrant colors of the bath bombs. By aligning the bath bomb colours with your bathroom design and products like towels, you create a visually pleasing atmosphere. This thoughtful display may entice your child to eagerly anticipate bath time, as they get to choose a bath bomb from the jar for a delightful experience.