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Bundle of 6 Nail Polishes Choose Your Colours Bundle of 6 Nail Polishes Choose Your Colours

Bundle of 6 Nail Polishes Choose Your Colours

£26.99 £25.99

Make pretend play even more fun with this Miss Nella Bundle of 6 water-based, peel-off kids nail polishes.   The non-toxic, odour-free, alcohol-free formula can be peeled off easily from your little ones’ tiny fingers. You don’t have to worry about...

Nails and Accessories Set


Help boost your children’s curiosity and creativity with this Miss Nella Nails and Accessories Set. This set features all the nails accessories your kid will need for dress-up: One nail filer A pair of toe separators Two lots of fun...

Canvas Makeup Bag Canvas Makeup Bag

Canvas Makeup Bag

£8.99 £7.99

Keep all your kids' makeup sets together with this Miss Nella canvas bag.It is 100% cotton, with handles and a sturdy zip. Store all of your Miss Nella children make up in it for weekend getaways or safekeeping at home....

Organic Lip Balm Collection Non Toxic Makeup Organic Lip Balm Collection Non Toxic Makeup

Organic Lip Balm Collection Non Toxic Makeup

£19.99 £18.99

Check out this Miss Nella complete collection of 5 lip balms for children.Spend quality time together and pamper your lips with these intensively soothing and moisturising lip balms that come in 5 different colours. They are chemical-free, gentle on the skin,...

Silicon Placement Mat


Play with different colours and paint your nails together without making a mess or sacrificing your furniture. Lay out this spill-proof Miss Nella Silicon Mat for every nail painting session, and simply clean it afterwards with a paper towel or...

Soap Collection and Sponge Soap Collection and Sponge

Soap Collection and Sponge

£9.99 £8.99

Make sure your children’s sensitive skin receives proper care with this Miss Nella all-natural soap collection and sponge. These soaps are very gentle on the skin, removing everyday dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Add them to...

Mr Bee Soft Doll Mr Bee Soft Doll

Mr Bee Soft Doll

£15.99 £12.99

[new_products]14[/new_products]Get your children a cuddling best friend that they can love and take care of.  The Mr Bee soft doll is a firm favourite with children of all ages.