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How to Help Your Children Develop Emotional Intelligence

Jan 12, 2022 Miss Nella

Help your children develop emotional intelligence from a young age, teaching them about their emotions and how to self-regulate their feelings in specific situations.

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids and Family

Jan 06, 2022 Miss Nella

Discover 10 New Year’s Eve activities for kids and family. Craft special countdowns, cook special cupcakes, do fireworks in a jar and many more.

The Main Christmas Tree Colour Themes and Their Significance

Dec 22, 2021 Miss Nella

The Christmas story is a wonderful one, full of cheer and the joy of giving. While Christmas customs and traditions differ from one part of the world to another, a few things stay the same. The coloured Christmas lights or the Christmas tree colour themes are similar almost all over the world. It's green, red, gold, white, blue and silver. But how did they become the Christmas colours?

Makeup topics to talk about with your children

Dec 12, 2021 Miss Nella

How do you tackle a child's interest in makeup and manage their understanding of its uses? Also, at what age is it appropriate to let children wear makeup? We answer all of that and more.

The 4 Gift Rule is A Lifesaver Idea this Christmas

Dec 06, 2021 Miss Nella

It’s not much until Santa’s coming to town, and as parents, we have to sponsor him, right? You do not mind because you love your children and want to pamper them. However, happiness is not in the material things and showering your children with gifts might turn them into adults who take everything for granted. This is where the 4 gift rule comes into play.

How To Encourage Self Expression in Children

Dec 02, 2021 Miss Nella

Self-expression is crucial to a child’s development. If children are encouraged to express what they want and feel, they will grow into confident and open adults.  We cannot stress enough the importance of allowing children to express themselves. They need an environment of respect, love, and support to reveal their inner selves and thus discover who they are and what they like.

The Complete Guide to Non-Toxic Makeup For Kids

Nov 02, 2021 Miss Nella

Children might feel attracted to your makeup. They like to mimic what you do and "steal" your cosmetics to try them on or apply them to their dolls. It's normal, it's called pretend play, and children love it. However, you should make sure they only come in contact with non-toxic makeup for kids.

Why Pretend Play is Just as Important as Learning

Oct 13, 2021 Miss Nella

Children do know how to play. They are masters at it, and as a parent, you should encourage and support them in their pretend play activities.  They can be police officers, make-up artists, princesses, warriors, chefs, or all of these at once. While their imaginative play might seem a trifle to you, you should know that in their pretend play make-believe process, children learn how to solve problems, cooperate, and use their creative thinking. They discover themselves and the world around them, while dealing with their fears and insecurities as they play.  Pretend play is part of the more complex children developmental psychology. Studies have illustrated remarkable cognitive benefits, especially in the area of language development.